Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention And Control

CareSafe provides infection prevention services and products that are effective in helping prevent COVID-19 in Healthcare, Childcare, Education, Transportation and all community settings. Call 770-615-2700 for more information.

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In the past several years, new methods of reducing contamination of healthcare room surfaces have emerged. Touchless hydrogen peroxide disinfection and self-sanitizing surface protection are two of the advancing technologies that have infection control practitioners and environmental services experts’ attention. CareSafe’s disinfection and protection products offer a unique combination to kill dangerous pathogens that can survive long periods of time on surfaces. Preventing the spread of infection is achieved by disinfection and continuous protection.

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Until recently disinfection has been the only means of eliminating dangerous pathogens that dwell on surfaces. New long lasting methods of reducing contamination of healthcare room surfaces have emerged. CareSafe’s system goes an extra step to provide surface protection against bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores. The CareSafe self-sanitizing surface coating system provides protection between routine cleanings.

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The incidence of infections acquired during hospitalization, contributes to an additional annual estimated $45 billion in direct hospital costs. Medicare, Medicaid and some insurance companies no longer pay for some healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). CareSafe helps organizations focus on controlling the spread of infection as well as controlling costs. Investing in cost effective infection prevention and protection will create a safe environment as well as control the loss of reimbursement.

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